Working Group 5 - Definition of a cross-layer cognitive engine


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Working Group 5 will address the Technical Challenge 5, focusing on the introduction of cognition in devices above the network layer, exploring the definition of a cross-layer cognitive engine. The Working Group will take advantage of the results obtained in the other Working Groups in order to identify the main capabilities required for the cross-layer engine to enable an effective use of available information and device characteristics, such as the presence of multiple wireless interfaces, when available, while taking into account application requirements.
The design of a cross-layer cognitive engine will be carried out by allowing the engine to receive inputs from entities running at all layers of the device. The cognitive engine will also provide inputs to the same entities based on the decisions it has taken. The design of a cross-layer cognitive engine will include:

o The capability of taking advantage of multiple network interfaces that are often available in modern radio terminals, and determining the optimal behaviour for the device, by gathering information on the status of all network interfaces;

o The possibility of combining heterogeneous information in selecting the best strategy, i.e. direct spectrum sensing measurement and Quality of Service requirements imposed by the application;

o Definition of an efficient representation language for the exchange of information between the application layer engine and lower layers; such language should be able to describe concepts and variables related to all aspects of the device, from radio
parameters to network performance indicators, to application requirements.

o Definition and deployment of advanced artificial intelligence algorithms, capable of determining the optimal strategy for all aspects of the device operations on the basis of widely heterogeneous information, and to learn from previous decisions.



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