How to propose a Training School


The request for such a Training School has to be sent via the Chair of the Management Committee (MC) after MC approval of the programme and the list of paid participants to the COST Office with the following documents:


  • Detailed programme and aim of the Training School;
  • Support statement from the MC (e.g., the Minutes of a MC meeting);
  • Detailed financial support request for the organisation of the meeting;
  • List of trainers with contact details;
  • List of trainees that have been selected by the MC to be entitled to the individual grants for attending the Training School, along with the amount of the grants;
  • Contact details.


After receipt of the above documents the Grant Holder will send acceptance letters to the local organiser, the trainers, and the trainees. In case general organisation support is granted, then a scientific report will be requested after completion of the Training School.

Exceptions to the above are possible. They must be duly justified and must be accepted by the COST Office prior to the event.


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